Spiritual Successor to Giants Citizen Kabuto!

I've waited 14 years for a successor to the video game "Giants" and Nick Bruty and Rogue Rocket Games have officially set out to do just that. Just a few months ago my brother Aaron was saying he's still waiting for a sequel to Giants after all the fun we had on our PC network at home. 

Please spread the word and help these veteran developers reach their dream and breathe some life and creativity into the industry!

More Totoro Beds!

If you don't have the time or supplies to make a custom Totoro bed yourself there's an awesome one online for $275: http://www.incrediblethings.com/home/sleep-tight-in-a-totoro-bed/

Plants vs Zombies Adventures

Plants vs Zombies Adventures I have been art directing a new Plants vs Zombies game for Facebook, check it out!

Space Team

My wife and I re-skinned the popular Werewolf/Mafia game with a Space theme!

PopCap is hiring!

I work for PopCap San Francisco, and must say it's been a very positive and rewarding experience. We have a small tightly knit group, zero ego and the hunger to create entertainment. If anyone is interested please shoot me a message or check out the website!

Currently we're looking for a UI Lead and an Animation Lead, but are always looking for top talent. The job descriptions for these positions have been posted to the site.

Paperwings Podcast


I've been working on my film portfolio and Chris and Lora's podcast has been an invaluable resource! I think any artist could find it useful and I'd highly recommend checking it out.

Old PopUp Idea

I had this idea with a buddy of mine and we're shelving it for now, so I thought I'd share. It was to take known stories and make ipad popup books, actually painting and scanning in paper cutouts to build in 3d.

More Baking Life Art

My studio has been acquired!

I've been with studio ZipZapPlay for about eight months and now we are no more...as in no longer called ZipZapPlay! Our studio is being acquired by one of the biggest names in gaming: PopCap Games! We will soon be PopCap San Francisco :)

For anyone not in touch with the gaming industry, PopCap had created many popular games like Bejeweled, Peggle, Bookworm, and more recently Plants vs Zombies. I've always enjoyed their games and how smart they are there... I am very happy!


March Work

More work, copyright ZipZapPlay

Baking Life Art

It's been a while since I've posted "art" so here's some pieces from work.
Copyright ZipZapPlay

ZipZapPlay is looking for Junior Artist!

In case any of you love vector art, positive people and are looking to get into the gaming industry my studio ZipZapPlay is looking for a junior artist!


Might make prints to put up in my bathroom and show kids the steps to healthy mouths. I still need a crocodile brushing! :B

Lame Castle

Some art assets I made for an iPhone game called "Lame Castle."

Old Menu

This is an old menu screen for a project I'm working on. I've chosen to go a different route, but this was a fun little test.

Happy Birthday Grace

There are some thing from my childhood that I want to be sure and pass onto my children. Jim Henson is one of my heroes and i threw this together for my youngest daughter's first birthday.

Dog Sketches

Rainy Day

I'm trying to work out a banner for my wife's blog...

Small Suitcase Painting

I made this small acrylic painting for the sweetest little lady. A family friend who's mother used to call her "my wandering jew" because she loved to travel so much. It was a fun little project :)